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Backup all the photos on the your phone to your own computer

Cloud backup solutions, like Google Photos and Dropbox, are great for making your photos taken on the phone available on all your devices. But, when you start thinking how important some of your photos are, you may think again if it’s a good idea to rely solely on a cloud service for all those precious… Read More>>

1200+627- AirIME

[New] First major update in 2016 – Clipboard and clipboard sharing and more

There are many ways to kick off the new year, but for us at the AirDroid team, there’s nothing more exciting than releasing a new update that brings solutions to problems our users are facing daily.   AirIME     Mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful, and in some aspects, the experiences are… Read More>>

airdroid-pick me200x200

Telegram? Kik? Viber? Hangouts? Or? You Have a Say of What to Support Next!

You know since v3.1.2, AirDroid allows you to reply to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages instantly from the notification pop-ups (Guide). After the release, we heard lots voices from you that you wish to reply to messages of other apps. Technically, we can do that. But we have to go step by step. Telegram, Kik,… Read More>>


Vagueness ≠ Beauty, Erase the Mist of AirMirror and Win AirDroid Premium!

Vagueness ≠ Beauty! We read the feedback that AirMirror presents a very bad resolution from some of you.  We heard it and we improved it! AirDroid v3.1.2 significantly improved the connection stability, the smoothness and image quality of AirMirror. Now we would like to hear the good news from you! Share the screenshots of the comparison on AirMirror’s Before &… Read More>>

#AirMirror4Lollipop Winners

#AirMirror4Lollipop Winners Announcement

Thanks for our AirDroid’s fans support, we have selected 10 lucky winners of those who post their screenshot with #AirMirror4Lollipop from Twitter and Facebook. Congratulations! We will contact you privately to send out AirDroid 1-Year Premium Code. Michal Mike Gajewski and Vincenzo Guerrisi please send a private message to AirDroid Facebook Page and send us… Read More>>

AirMirror supports lollipop

AirDroid v3.0.3 Update, AirMirror Now Supports Lollipop

AirDroid v3.0.3 is now available on Google Play, AirDroid Win and Mac client will receive update notification. This update brings some surprises to our users, first of all, AirMirror is compatible with android lollipop! Thanks for the support of all crazy fans of AirDroid, we heard your request and we just make it possible! Tell… Read More>>

Time for USB to Retire?

This story happens in Android Planet, pictures and other files are in a hurry to go to Mac Planet. USB Cable Train is interviewing Drivers, obviously, pictures and files are very impatient with the long wait. What’s the solution? AirDroid flies in and saves the day by carrying the pictures and files to Mac Planet!… Read More>>

AirDroid World Cup Complete Winner List

Congratulations for Germany to win FIFA World Cup Brazil! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!  AirDroid World Cup Event (June 11 to July 13) is officially ended together with FIFA World Cup, what an exciting month! AirDroid is with you through out all the matches, wonder if you win our prizes? Check out all the AirDroid World Cup winners here: Predictor Pele… Read More>>

AirDroid World Cup Round of 16 Winners

We have 9 AirDroid World Cup Predictor Winners for the past week, congratulations for winning our World Cup Official Jersey (90 USD) and Match Ball (160 USD)! We will contact you via your email registered with AirDroid account, please check your email for more information! And the total number of Lucky Draw winners from June 27… Read More>>

AirDroid World Cup Winners on June 26

Germany defeat USA 1-0, but they both advanced in Group G, Portugal goes home after group stage. AirDroid Group Stage Jersey Winners are here! AirDroid World Cup Predictor Winner of Day goes to ales****, jaros****, sreer****, sam.p****, congratulations for winning our World Cup Official Jersey (90 USD)! We will contact you via your email registered with AirDroid account, please… Read More>>

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