AirDroid Wallpaper Wanted!


The wallpaper of AirDroid web desktop has been well-received so far. But we’ve heard that some of you want something new. How about changing the background of

We are planning to solicit wallpaper from all of you. Just send us the most suitable and wonderful wallpaper in your mind. We’ll choose 9 lucky ones and each of them will win a small gift: 1 Year AirDroid Premium!


1. We only accept original work. Please observe copyright law, and do not send objectionable content.
2. Wallpaper size: under 2 MB
3. Wallpaper resolution: 1400 x 860 or 1920 x 1080
4. Wallpaper format: jpg, png, jpeg
5. Once the wallpaper is adopted, the copyright belongs to AirDroid.

How to participate:

1. G+ users
Post the wallpaper in the category “Special Events” of AirDroid G+ Community:

2. Facebook users
Post the wallpaper in the comment:

3. Twitter users
Tweet the wallpaper with the tag #AirDroidwallpaper and @AirDroidTeam

We’ll solicit the most popular and suitable wallpaper (solicit 3 wallpaper from each channel).  

Scheduled Time:

3/20/2014 to 3/26/2014

Looking forward to the wonderful wallpapers!

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