AirDroid v4.2.2.2 Update, Fixed Dos and System Crash Exploit of AirDroid

AirDroid Team released a new version to fix the exploit of Dos and System Crash. Attackers in the same network can send thousands of authentication requests against the device. It will crash the application by running out of memory even cause the system to reboot unintentionally.

Please update to AirDroid v4.2.2.2 (Android app only) to keep your phone safe. Thank Marcelo Vázquez from Enigmasec and Víctor Lasa for reporting this exploit.

We suggest you update to the latest version as soon as possible to avoid the attack. If it is inconvenient for you to update now, you can avoid attack by using AirDroid with cellular data or trusted private Wi-Fi only.

AirDroid v4.2.2.2 Changelog:

1. Fixed crash issue when transfer files over 1G via share button.
2. Fixed landscape mode display bug on Android 9(Pie) devices when using remote control (AirMirror).
3. App Security level enhancement.
4. Other bugs fixes and improvements.

AirDroid team will keep reducing the vulnerabilities. Please contact us at if you find any other vulnerabilities of AirDroid.

Thank all AirDroid users for supporting!

Update now:
Get AirDroid Android v4.2.2.2 on Google Play

  • QouNik ToRsha

    Screen shot feature can not be use if quota is full on free account anymore?