[ AirDroid v3.2.2 update] Record Screen, battery efficiency improvement and video backup functions added.

AirDroid has just been updated to version 3.2.2. This release brings a new feature called Record Screen, as well as improves battery efficiency, and adds video backup support to the Backup feature.

Record on your phone screen


While building your empire on the phone and want to share the spectacular scene with the world? AirDroid is the easiest app to use to help you record on- screen activities and, if you prefer, along with your voice and face!

It’s easy to get started. Just open AirDroid on your phone, tap the Record Screen button on the home screen, and then tap the video recorder icon. After a three-second countdown, AirDroid will start recording the phone screen and audio.

By default, the phone screen and audio are recorded. You can also configure whether to record phone audio and front camera in [settings].

Note: You will have to agree to “access the device’s microphone(s)” for the best Record Screen experience. As AirDroid ensures we have the highest standard when it comes to safety and privacy, the app will not trigger the microphone unless you are recording the phone screen and the Record audio option is turned on.

Battery efficiency improvement


Last month, we noticed some users were talking about battery consumption. Your voice is heard! With immediate reaction, our team has put into action to optimise the battery consumption in this update and the result is amazing – based on our A/B test, we’ve observed up to 65% increase in battery efficiency with a duration test of six hours!

Backup videos (Premium)

The positive feedback and praise we received regarding the Backup (photo) feature we introduced at the end of March exceeded our expectation. To further improve the feature, we have now enhanced it with video backup support.

With the video backup support, you can now backup all the videos on your phone to your computer on the same network.

Note: This is a  feature exclusively for our Premium users and requires AirDroid desktop client v3.3.2 which is to be released in the following days. You can learn more about AirDroid Premium here: https://www.airdroid.com/en/pay/.

We hope you enjoy the latest version of AirDroid and, as always, any feedback to our new version is welcome. You can leave a comment below or contact us via support@airdroid.com. We are here to delight your multiscreen life!

  • Jacob Massengill

    but still no linux desktop app

    • Jacob Massengill

      the update is really appreciated though, especially the battery life

  • corb06

    Will it ever be possible to mirror screen via WiFi like Samsungs SideSync on non-rooted phones?

  • Cody

    How about instead of working on new features, you work on fixing basic functionality of the app? Copy and Paste is pretty awful, and SMS gives a failed message half the time. But good to know I can record my screen. That’s so useful. -_-

    • Claudia

      I agree! I text a lot that’s why I use AirDroid to begin with – its easier to type on the PC while i’m working on other things. You can’t send a MMS. Half the time names/pictures aren’t synced. Sending failed happens far too often. Calls only ring on the PC half the time. Today was the only day paste had worked. I’d like the option to close the pop up but still have a notification sound opposed to disabling both.

  • nanank99

    how to enable the screen recording with audio?? since i record my game, but no sound is recorded 🙁
    i am using airdroid 3 on PC, cannot find setting for audio setting for record 🙁

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