AirDroid v3.1.0 Better Experience with “Nearby” and “Friends”, and More!

Have you tried “Nearby” and “Friends” during the v3.0.4.2 beta period? A new way to share files, a good assistant in group-working. Scan and discover nearby devices, from Windows, Mac or your mobile, and share files with them! You can also add them as friends and share at any time!

Now “Nearby” and “Friends” are out of beta! We improved the interaction design to make them more user friendly. What’s more, you can even share files to any friend via AirDroid, even he/she doesn’t share the same network with you or isn’t your friend in AirDroid (Files will be send as email messages).

send files to non-airdroid user

airdroid-files received as email messages


Other than new features, AirDroid v3.1.0 also brings some bug fixes and improvements.

New features:
1. Share files to other users, by adding them as friends, or sending as email messages.
2. Chat and share files with other AirDroid users on the same network.

Bug fixes & improvements on AirDroid Win/Mac:
1. File transfer logs can now be cleared with one click.
2. SMS can now be deleted individually.
3. Alert of enabling Notification mirror can now be disabled.
4. Other bug fixes and improvements.

Bug fixes & improvements on AirDroid Android:
1. Added an option in Settings to allow mirroring notifications to computer via Wi-Fi only.
2. Other bug fixes and improvements.

Update now to enjoy a better AirDroid: