AirDroid v2.0.8 – 2nd update in 2014

Are you fully back from the holidays? Or, are you preparing for the Lunar New Year festival? Anyway, here comes the second update in 2014.

Customize device name

If you have more than two devices that are of the same brand and model, you can now name them differently. 


Turn on/off flashlight in Camera

Click on Camera, nothing but black screen? Try turn on the flashlight.



Drag & Drop files between folders in Files

Drag & Drop also got a little more convenient:


Bug fixes & Improvements

1. Restored widget size to 4×1.

We heard you voice and have restored the widget size to 4×1.


2. Fixed “crash on launch” issue for some users.

Some users reported that AirDroid crashed on launch. Try again, it should be working now.

3. SMS: copy and paste multiple phone numbers to the recipient field.

Need to send messages to multiple recipients? You can now copy a list of phone numbers directly to the recipient field.

4. New languages: Vietnamese and Serbian.

Thanks to our volunteers, we added two new languages: Vietnamese and Serbian. Want to add your own? Join the community here:

5. Other bug fixes and improvements.

Update now:

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