[New] AirDroid Windows/Mac 3.5.2 brings you a better and easier “Files”!

In this update, we made several amendments to make “Files” and “Photos” better.

  1. “Favourites” feature for your faster access to important folders.
  2. “Rotate”, “Save”, “upload” and “Display Videos” features in “Photos” for all the shutterbugs.

Photos features update


Here are some details:

  1. “Favourites” feature for your faster access to important folders.

To make file navigation easier, we added “Favourites” in “Files” on desktop, where you can bookmark your frequently used file paths for easy access. Following is how to avoid tedious file searching:

Navigate to desired folder > click on the star on upper bar (as shown below) > now you can find the bookmarked path via “Favourites” with simply one click!

Adding Favorites in Files


  1. “Rotate”, “Save”, “upload” and “Display Videos” features in “Photos” for all the shutterbugs.

We are shutterbugs who want to capture every precious moment on our phones like you do, so we added “Photos” section in the last update to make sure photo management can be easier for all.

After collecting feedback from fellow users, we decided to add up few more features, including: “Rotate”, “Save”, “upload” and “Display Videos” in “Photos”.


“Rotate” & “Save”

There are times when your mom just couldn’t hold the phone right, your niece took a perfect…upside down photo of you, or, you just change your mind to make a vertical shot a horizontal picture to fit your screen?

“Rotate” & ”Save” saves all the hassles for you!

There are two ways to rotate and save the images in “Photos”

Open “Photos” > click on “Rotate” icon on the upper bar(as shown below ) > the adjustment will be automatically saved and synced to your phone.

Rotate from upper bar


Alternatively, you can open “Photos” > double click the chosen photo to “Preview” mode > find “Rotate” icon in the bottom > once finished, click “Save” icon.

Rotate under preview mode



You can now not only upload all types of files from computer to your device(s) via “Files”, you can also upload all your images into “Photos”.

There are two ways to do so:

Open the destination folder in “Photos” > drag and drop the chosen image(s) to the right block

Open the destination folder in “Photos” > click “Upload” icon on the upper bar (as shown below) > choose images from the pop-up folder > Click “Open”

upload images faster with "Upload" feature


“Display Videos”

You can now preview your video with thumbnail in “Photos”. Better yet, you can differentiate the media type by the icon on the corner of each thumbnail.

Noted: You cannot play the video directly IN “Photos”, you will have to download it first to your desktop in order to watch it.


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