AirDroid APP Review: Sleep as Android

Hi guys! Here’s Co & Do’s Channel! 

We are all fans of Android and are thrilled about variety of productive, funny and easy-to-use apps, no doubt (this curiosity is our secret of making such a great app like AirDroid, to be honest).

During the past years of exploration of the App world. We did dig out some nice and cool apps (like ours AirDroid), which we have been admiring and learning from and there’s no reason to keep those with ourselves without sharing with you guys just like what we have been doing.

So here we are, hope you will like it. 

The first app that we feel really like to recommend to you is Sleep as Android:

Sleep as Android  helps to sleep better and have a good night’s rest

We are recently preparing for something really big! The result is that we get burned out in the day and are tossing and turning the whole night or even can’t fall asleep! How frustrated! Then I remembered the app – Sleep as Android – one of our team member once mentioned. Hum, I’d better give it a try.

Isn’t it just an alarm clock? WTF, why so complicated? I’m asked to solve the equation? What the hell, how do I know the answer?

OK, to be serious, this app – Sleep as Android – by Urbandroid Team can help us to figure out our sleep pattern by tracking the sleep cycle, and wake us up at the most optimal moment so we would feel refreshed.

1. Set alarms

First of all, we need to set alarms in the home page, the steps are similar to setting normal alarms. Sleep as Android provides with lots of options and various ringtones for us to choose from. A small challenge for allodoxaphobia like me when welcomed by these ringtones:

set alarm.jpg

2. Smart wake up

Indeed an unpleasant experience of being disturbed while I’m in the sweet dream. How I wish I can smash the alarm clock!! I just dreamed about a pay raise, the manager is talking to me… Awww, feel even more tired when I wake up.

The normal alarm clocks only trigger in the fixed time. To the contrary, Sleep as Android  will analyze our sleep cycle, recognize what sleep phase we are in, and will wake us up at an optimal time.

For example, if we set the alarm at 8 o’clock in the morning, and set a 30-minute smart period, during 7:30 ~ 8:00, Sleep as Android  will look for a time when our sleep is relatively light and then trigger the alarm:  

smart period.jpg

3. CAPTCHA – to stop oversleeping

We know it’s hard to win when we work against the natural instincts of our body. Dismiss the alarm and continue sleeping is a common action and in this case, CAPTCHA will help us to get up on time.

Sleep as Android  provides with several different CAPTCHAS, with a range of difficulty settings: Very simple – Simple – Intermediate – Hard – Very hard, to stop the alarm:

Math equation: choose answers from the list or type them by yourself

Sleeping sheep: find an awake sheep

Shake it: shake your phone

QR code: scan a QR code (supported QR apps: Barcode Scanner, QRDroid, Google Goggles)

NFC tag: scan a NFC tag

Dream diary: write a piece of diary of your dream

Personally, Finding an awake sheep with Very hard mode is the most difficult option for me. I have to catch 5 awake sheep among about 30 sheep, with an irregularly changing way. And focusing on something is not easy for who is half-awake.


4. Sleep tracking

Tracking sleep is another important feature of Sleep as Android. Go to ALARMS and tap  Sleep tracking at the bottom left, place the phone on the bed and Sleep as Android  will track our sleep.

sleep track1.jpg

How’s our sleep quality? When we are in light sleep and when we are in deep sleep? Sleep as Android  will collect those data by monitoring the body movements through built-in sensor and aggregated those data into sleep graphs, which can give us an overview of the sleep statistics:

sleep statistics.jpg

Those data could also be aggregated into charts:

sleep track4.jpg

Also, advice on sleep will be given based on a simple analysis of the data collected:


If Sleep as Android  is used often, a more accurate advice will be given:


(screenshot from the Internet)

And Sleep as Android  can detect sleep talking, snoring and more. Interesting when I listen to the records. I won’t tell you what I was talking about at night.

5. Some tips

1) Set your phone to Airplane mode to avoid being disturbed by phone calls.

2) Charging your phone during sleep tracking because this app is a little battery-eating.

3) A good choice to use this app with smart watch like Pebble, Moto 360.

There are lots of interesting and useful features, and Addons in Sleep as Android  waiting for you to explore. But never believe all you read. Humans are humans. We use apps to make our Android more human, but we shouldn’t rely on the apps, you know me.

Sleep as Android is available for free as a two week trial. It’ll cost you $4.49 to get the full version.

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  1. Fifen says:

    how can you download the alarm tones. I really like the nature noises and would like to transfer them to my computer. I have searched through ES file explorer with no luck