AirDroid App Review: Forest – Stay Focused, Stop Phubbing

Wanna concentrate on work, study, or spend more time with family and friends? Oops, a notification comes, had better pick up the buzzing phone to check what it is. I bet many of us are in the same deep mess, decide to get something done but be lured by the appealing apps. Are there any methods to help us clear the distractions and be focused?

Do you think I’m now introducing AirDroid which can help you manage your Android on a web browser? Not this time now. The app we are gonna recommend today is Forest: Stay focused, an app that helps us get rid of phone addiction, stay focused on the important things and stop phubbing.



• A self-motivated and interesting method to help you beat phone addiction

• Cultivate your personal pattern of time management: make good use of 30-minutes to fully concentrate on your work and finish it effectively

• Share your forest with friends

• Track your history in a simple and pleasant way

• Customize your whitelist : Leaving Forest and using apps in whitelist won’t kill your tree.


How it works

Everytime when you need to stay away from your phone, plant a seed in Forest. The seed will grow into a tree gradually in the next 30 minutes:


DO NOT touch your phone again once timing starts, or you’ll kill the little cute tree (You Monster!!).


By the way, this app allows users to whitelist at most 3 specific apps for emergency use. The tree won’t be killed if the whitelisted apps been opened during the 30 minutes. Oh, one trick that may be useful: if you are focusing on work on the computer but receiving an important message, try sign in to and reply the message, efficiently and the tree still grows well. We’ve tested this already 😉


Everyday you’ll get a forest filled with lush or withered trees. Each single tree represents a 30-minute’s concentration:


Generally, it’s an easy-to-use app, an interesting twist of pomodoro. It’s funny that I feel I should be responsible for that inanimate tree. It’s totally my fault if that tree dies. I’ve already killed 3 trees in 1 day 🙁

Forest: Stay focused is a free download on Google Play now. Plant a seed, take care of your trees and build up your own forest.

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