AirDroid App Review: 7 Minute Workout

One day, one of my friends who is a programmer complained that his wife said that he was getting fatter and fatter. And then he kept shouting:” Do we have any spare time to go the Gym regularly? There are lots of bugs need to be fixed. I have to keep typing to make the world better and better.”

I was afraid that he would become fatter and fatter and then I can’t recognize him any more. I took out my phone and showed him an app, 7 Minute Workout.

Yes, we are all busy with our daily work and family communities and it’s really hard for us to find enough time for exercise regularly. But, don’t worry. 7 Minute Workout provides a straightforward, effective and proper workout in seven minutes. This workout lasts for only seven minutes, and you will feel ashamed to find any excuses for not doing it everyday.  

1. Use only body weight as resistance.

It’s said that the effectiveness of 7 Minute Workout is as good as running for more than one hour or doing body weight exercises in the Gym.

The workout consists of 12 high-intensity exercises that use only body weight as resistance, including jumping jacks, wall sit, push up, abdominal crunch, chair step-up, squat, plank and other easy movements. Don’t look upon on those simple movements! I was really tired when I just finish half of them.

You need to do each kind of movements quickly and keep for 30 seconds. You are allowed to rest for 10 seconds between different movements and then your muscle can relax quickly. 10 seconds? Is that enough?

Also, the sequence of these 12 movements are fixed, otherwise the training rhyme will be broken and a good result won’t be achieved. But you can try to do it in a different sequence to see if its effectiveness is the same. lol


2.  Easy to learn and no need to prepare other props.

It’s not like running that you need a broad space or going to the gym where there are all kinds of instruments. In 7 Minute Workout, just a chair, a wall and then you can enjoy your spare seven minutes. Oh, you still need one more thing, no excuse!

All the movements are easy to learn. However, personally, some movements might  be a little bit difficult for some girls, such as push-up. At least it’s really challenge for me coz I can’t do it. Can you, girls?


3. Simple design

It’s a health related app, and it just needs to tell users to do a certain movement at a certain time. So, a complex and fancy user interface design is not suitable for it. No one cares about the design when they are doing exercises with dropping sweat.

7 Minute Workout mainly focuses on the ticking of the clock. A countdown of round shape takes up ⅔ of the whole interface. Just imagine that your life lies on movements! However, small size of  movement example are shown on the bottom of the interface.

What’s more, an interesting thing is that you can chose whether to have audio countdown while you are doing exercise. You may feel that someone is doing exercise with you. 1.2.3…


Also, I’ll love it more if this app could add a feature to remind me of doing it at a setting time.

In conclusion, 7 Minute Workout is a good app for those who are busy, tired and have no time to go to the Gym. If you don’t believe that 7 Minute Workout will make you sweat, just give it a shot!

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