AirDroid App Review: 1010! – an easy to learn, fun to master, addictive minimalistic puzzle game

Recently, a little game swept AirDroid team’s office. We are crazy about it and even compete with each other to win a cup of coffee. Every morining when we stepped into the office, we will take out our phones to show off that we got a new high score last night. Unfortunately, I lost many times so I have to buy coffee for our team.

What is the game? Why is it so charming that we are all crazy about it?

OK. No more guessing about it. That is 1010!, an easy to learn, fun to master, addictive minimalistic puzzle game. This game is based on 10x10 grid so it has the name 1010!. It reminds me of the classic game Tetris when I played in my old days. If you were a big fan of Tetris, you must gonna check 1010!. I dare to say that 1010! is an upgrade version of Tetris.



How to play 1010!?

It’s easy to learn and play. You have a 10×10 square grid and Tetris style pieces. Simply try to fit pieces into the grid, be aware some pieces like to make a mess. Complete vertical or horizontal lines to clear blocks. Complete a line either vertically or horizontally and they disappear. You get 3 pieces a time. Can’t fit any more blocks in? Game over.

It’s a simple concept and the design is gorgeous. All the pieces are made of cubic squares with different bright colours. I really love the beautiful design!



Compete with you friend.

Tired of playing games alone? 1010! allows you to compete with your friends once you sign in to you Facebook account. You can try to beat your friends’ score.


Worth trying?

It would be better to have a tutorial for for the new users. It’s easy to pick up the game but it might be confused for a new player: whether to fill the whole screen or what? How to gain points with those pieces?

Ads are the things that I hate most. Different kinds of ads pop up when I am playing the game. It’s really annoy. The worst thing is that I have to spend $1.99 to remove Ads!

Overall, 1010! is a game wroth playing. Give it a shot to see how much score you can get.

Remember that AirDroid can help you backup the APK and then you can share with your friends.

This is Co & Do’s Channel. XOXO. See you next week.

3 responses to “AirDroid App Review: 1010! – an easy to learn, fun to master, addictive minimalistic puzzle game”

  1. Deb Clarkq says:

    How to beat the 5678 score? Any ideas to help me out here. I am addicted.

  2. Patricia Brandt says:

    I am furious. I love this game. Worked hard to beat the world record. Did it. Recorded my moment by capturing a screen shot (attached). Told a few friends but when they checked my record score on the leaderboard had DISAPPEARED. How embarrassing and how frustrating! Who can I talk to to restore this????