[Announcement] AirDroid 4.0 is here!

The long desired AirDroid 4.0 is finally here!

In this update, we focus on

  1. Easier- UI renovation
  2. Faster- Nearby feature upgraded.
  3. More control- sign out from phone and more!


Here are more details in a glance:

Easier- UI Renovation



We have redesigned the UI to make AirDroid easier to use.

In brief, “ File Transfer” can be found in the bottom horizontal bar and all other features are well placed in “Tools” for you to easily locate them.

Meanwhile, all other settings and troubleshooting can be found in “Me”.




Faster- Nearby Feature Upgraded



You want to transfer files anytime, anywhere and more importantly, with anyone? We heard you!

New Nearby allows you to transfer file to your friends even WITHOUT internet. If your friends haven’t had AirDroid, simply use “Help your friend install AirDroid” at the bottom of Nearby page to help your friends join AirDroid and you are all set!

You can now share photos and videos with your friends without eating up your data with incredible fast speed! (more details on how to use Nearby).


More Control

We want to make sure your multi- screen life is all under YOUR control. Hence, you should be able to sign out your accounts on PC & Web whenever you want!

Even better, you can now decide whether you want your calls & text notifications show on your screens or not, right from “Tool”.

With AirDroid 4.0, you can not only manage your files across screens, but also share them with your friends, easy, fast and with more control!

Now, download/ update to the latest AirDroid 4.0 to explore more delightful multi-screen experience with AirDroid! More operational details can be found in our forum! Or simply jump in the discussions to share your thoughts!

ps. The update starts rolling out on 18 Nov. Please be patient as there might be a bit delay for google play to launch it 100% to every corner around the world!



  • Hemanth Dasari

    Any changes to Web Mac and windows clients ?

    • bdv

      On Window client, no MMS too…. pffff

      • Benjamin Mathias

        Who uses MMS these days?

        • bdv

          Just millions of people. Simply know how to read and watch the statistics provided by GSM operators.

        • jeff

          387.5 billion MMS will be sent in 2016, says google.

      • Tazdev

        You keep moaning about MMS! Meanwhile back in 2016!! Clear off back to Pushbullet if its so important to you and about 3 others in the world

        • bdv

          Officiel statistics in France : https://fr.statista.com/statistiques/505228/nombre-sms-mms-france/
          Too bad that some imbeciles look no further than the tip of their noses …

          • https://about.me/camdazzlers.com Fatriff

            Like I said.. Dark ages.. These are the stats were I am.. https://www.statista.com/statistics/288579/uk-mobile-network-annual-retail-revenues-by-call-type/

            Why would anybody pay money outside of their data plan to send a message? It’s 40p here per MMS on the 3 network.. It’s ridiculous which is why most people send things via skype, hangouts etc because it costs nothing.

          • bdv

            In many countries it’s 0p to send an MMS and millions of MMS are sent in many countries where it’s free. So why not have a complete product and impose your choices as a dictator?

          • Tazdev

            Ok ok, It seems we are all looking at this from our own countries perspective. With UK carriers at least, MMS is almost never included in call/data plans, and can cost about £0.40 or more each, although SMS is included – from a few hundred to unlimited per month. (UK users use either SMS for simple texts or FB messenger / Whatsapp / etc via 3g, 4g or wi-fi.

            After a bit of googling, USA (and France?) often have MMS included in call plans ….. so can understand why you would want MMS included in Airdroid, it’s just a bit last century thats all.

            While some countries call/data plans may still encourage the use of MMS, worldwide SMS/MMS numbers are in sharp decline because of the newer messaging apps and apparently the big carriers are worried about loss of revenue from texts & voice. I regularly use Messenger / Whatsapp for voice calls when using home wi-fi. Lets see where we are in 2-3 years time.

          • Anakhoresis

            @fatriff:disqus @disqus_NAdJXBkxYS:disqus As someone in the USA, I feel it is unlikely that MMS is going to go away in favour of the other apps anytime soon. The advantage for SMS/MMS is that you get it when you get a phone. Anyone with a phone whose number you have can receive those messages. Not everyone wants to get Skype, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Whatsapp, etc…, Some might have FB Messenger, others Hangouts, etc… And they don’t all necessarily play nice with each other either.

            Lastly, at least here, data connection might be terrible sometimes but basic service is generally quite good, so I can send an MMS but not a picture through FB Messenger.

        • Nikolay Pavlov

          Actually, that’s exactly what I did… Although I like AirDroid better.

      • https://about.me/camdazzlers.com Fatriff

        if you really use MMS in 2016 you are a fool.

        • bdv

          Officiel statistics in France : https://fr.statista.com/statistiques/505228/nombre-sms-mms-france/
          There is no more idiot than one who does not want to understand…

        • Jiří Mrázek

          You are fool. There is more and more MMS from year to year.

        • jeff

          387.5 billion MMS will be sent in 2016, says google, and Airdroid will send 0.

        • Dimos

          Group messages require MMS…

      • jeff

        387.5 billion MMS will be sent in 2016, says google and Airdroid will send 0.

      • Abin Simon

        Hahaha, good old MMS. Can’t believe people still use them.

        • whitethunder

          If someone iMessages you a picture (assuming you have an Android phone), where does it go? I can’t believe anyone *doesn’t* use MMS at least sometimes.

          • Fatriff

            I’ve been an Android user since day one when the 1st Google G1 came out and i’ve never once received an MMS message. I’ve always received images, videos via Hangouts (Formerly Gtalk), Skype or Gmail.

          • GT

            It’s not just about images and videos. If you exceed 160 regular characters, the SMS automatically becomes MMS. I often send and receive messages way larger than that. Yes, I know you can break long ones into multiple SMS messages, but why do that if both SMS and MMS are free, like it is in my country and a lot of other countries? Like others pointed out; ubiquity is key, and MMS has that going for it.

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/Gennosuke18 Genno


  • Andres Palmares

    Genial!! De mis aplicaciones favoritas!

  • https://twitter.com/noorabbasmirza Noor Abbas Mirza

    Being from aviation, I love the brand new looks!

    • touche112

      what. that makes no sense

      • https://twitter.com/noorabbasmirza Noor Abbas Mirza

        I still love the new logo! 😀

  • humphrey humphries

    love this

  • Alex Samoylov

    which function in the Record button of the screen ???

  • Bailey H Caldwell

    MMS Support!!! Please!!!!

    • bdv

      They’ve been saying this for years. Many other apps have MMS and Airdroid is still as bad on this point. Too bad, because it could have been a good thing. I think they do not know how to program MMS, it must be for that.

      • https://about.me/camdazzlers.com Fatriff

        No, It’s like asking for black & white TV in 2016.

        • jeff

          No, in the age of Netflix asking for MMS is like asking for colour on your TV. Airdroid SMS is B&W tech, add MMS to get colour TV tech. All TVs are old tech now but if you’re still going to make TVs at least make them colour capable.

          • bdv

            Yes , it’s right. SMS is B&W TV and MMS is colour TV

          • Jimmy Q

            SMS is used to send my text messages and MMS for my picture and video messages (both unlimited with my $30 plan). Data is extra.
            -Bell Canada

          • Peter P

            MMS is absolutely not B&W tech. MMS is a basically a WAP based messagning service.

            Saying it’s extinct is like saying SMS or Facebook messages, or even Skype messages are extinct. It is incredibly widely used, and also, has a smaller overhead than HTTP. So it’s definitely not stupid to use MMS for media transmission.

        • whitethunder

          Ok, we get it already. No one in *THE UK* uses MMS because it costs you a bunch of money. Guess what: MMS is almost uniformly FREE in the USA, so literally tens of millions of people use it here. Literally no one cares about your Whatsapp or whatever you’re using instead. MMS is still the simplest solution for 99% of people that have free MMS. So stop speaking for yourself as if you represent the whole goddamned world.

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  • Arno Trio

    great, great , great. thank you

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  • Paul Seekins

    How about fixing the AirMirror problems?

  • Eddie Gelman

    how about image support

  • Willi Saunderson

    When adding a contact how can I add that contact’s birthday and more details?

  • Roy Orbitson

    when will android 4.4 and later be supported

  • João Paulo

    Waiting for the Linux version 🙂

    • alun phillips

      ? works fine on chromium on my mint box, what problem you having?

      • https://mdminhazulhaque.com/ Md. Minhazul Haque

        Desktop client, not the web one. Like AirMirror or something.

    • http://walkman100.github.com ░▒▓█│【Walkman】│█▓▒░

      It doesn’t work through wine either (tried loads of things using PlayOnLinux)

    • Dana Běla

      Have you tried Feem v4 (http://www.feem.io) ? It has a Linux version.

    • Ricky Goldsmith

      What exactly is a Linux version ?

      The client, as I understand, is the web browser. Or is there anything more than that ?

      • Joseph Baker

        There are functions which only work with the desktop client. Backup is one of those features. At this time the only desktop client is windows only.

        • Ricky Goldsmith

          Thanks for explaining. Yes. These could be nice to have features.
          I was delighted today to see AirDroid, and its client interface (web).

          I, for my use case, do not see it as a File Transfer / Backup app. I just was looking for an Easy Interface on my laptop, to access my phone’s data; like: Call log, Messages, SMS etc. AirDroid fits in very well.

      • João Paulo

        Equal on Windows and Mac.

        Sorry, Google Translate 🙂

  • Valentin Mazarescu

    Would it be possible to access the web.airdroid.com via https any time soon?

  • http://www.whatsappdpimages.in Sarika Singh

    i am waiting for android 4.4

  • megaman

    What about hidden files? can I see them on the web client?

  • bdv

    No MMS on Airdroid ! = Airdroid is a shit !
    Look MySMS or Pushbullet, it’s great and MMS is very nice !

    • Andre Booth

      People don’t really use MMS anymore. Airdroid would have added the feature if enough of their target market wanted it. So go use PushBullet and stay of the Airdroid site if its so shit for you.

      • tik

        Oh we still use MMS… we do.

    • https://about.me/camdazzlers.com Fatriff

      Nobody uses MMS now, it’s simply no longer needed.

  • https://mdminhazulhaque.com/ Md. Minhazul Haque

    Still no Linux version. Great! 🙂

  • Emannxx

    Congrats on the new app! It looks amazing!
    I think that the Windows client deserves a bit of a UI upgrade. It feels a little bit clunky and navigating through it gives an impression of the app being “slow”. Perhaps something in the lines of the new Nvidia Geforce Experience? They mixed a bit of Google Material with some customizations and looks really good. 😉

  • Joseph Baker

    Congrats on the new version release. Premium customer here still waiting for a Linux client.

  • Scum Filter

    Still no native Linux client… ::sigh::

  • rhondalea

    Is Bonjour gone?

  • http://tastez.ro Nimeni Intamplator

    Why i need an account to transfer?
    Why i need premium when i have SEND ANYWHERE, ZAPYA or XENDER for freeeee.
    Say failed, when i try to send from my Huawei G8 to my pc.
    On pc version, Pluto Tv it a malware.
    Nothing change on airdroid.
    Unistall and unsubscribe, forever.

  • Станислав Бирюков

    Google auth doesn’t remember me! web.airdroid.com every time asks me to log in, despite checking “2 weeks” checkbox.

    Happy user, from Russia with love =)

  • Joe

    200mb quota makes it useless for me, please become 100% free and add adds or whatever.

  • jeff

    People do still use or receive MMS. Airdroid is not maximising it’s
    potential market share. It at least needs to be able to display MMS sent
    or received, even if it can’t send them it’s self, to be feature complete.

    • bdv

      Yes, Some have understood everything, others revel in ignorance… MMS exists, and it’s silly to ignore them.

    • tik

      Yep. It’s the only reason I don’t log back into Airdroid to use it everyday. If it only solves half of the problem (SMS) and not the other half (MMS, MMS group), then no thanks.

  • Bintang

    is the location tracker is accurate?

  • Maddi Mina Djara

    I experience a 26000 error. What can I do to correct this?

  • Alfonso Crane

    How do you add/delete a device?

  • tik

    I can’t MMS/MMS group to work with my 6P. Does Airdroid support this feature?

  • safari

    my air mirrror only could operating less than 3 hours after debug between my pc and my phone. how to operating air mirror without debuging my cell phone everyday?

  • Eli Bukin

    please remove my account, i don’t use it anyway, cuz your program is the “shittiest EVER”! please don’t send me your crap anymore.

  • Jeff

    I love Airdroid. If I never have to type on my phone again, I’d be happy. Thanks Airdroid team Super happy just to have web.airdroid.com

  • Sven Larson

    connection fails if not logged in, when using qr scanner. even if on same wifi network. fail.

  • Matt

    So on the windows app, I accidentally clicked hide widget forever, how do I get it back?

    • dcohn

      forever You cant hence forever

  • Curter

    define easier! now it seems more rocket science to me…

  • Jamez Baldez


  • Hrafnkell Hallmunds

    Very disappointed with the ongoing lack of a Linux desktop client.

  • Mahfuj aLAm

    Gorgeous !
    Own phone access from anywhere……!!!

  • http://virtualwebdesign.net Giulio Daprelà

    Ca you please add instructions on how to enable writing on SD card? The instructions for the old version don’t work on the new one there isn’t any ‘Select SD card’ button, and I’m not able to upload files to sd card on my new phone

  • Ricky Goldsmith

    Hey.. I’ve been wondering how come I never sought this use case. Now that I have, I’m delighted to see AirDroid. You guys have done an awesome job.

    I’m just 10 mins into this application and am going to hold off my feature requests, to first investigate that they aren’t hidden in the app elsewhere.

    Thank you for AirDroid.

  • Vit Kul

    This version is complete garbage. Lot’s of bugs. Airdroid will not allow to use previous more reliable versions.

  • Prado

    The web version is better than the App on MAC. On the web version we are able to make calls via the AirDroid web app but no facility on the AirDroid App. We can only see the notifications of calls and Whatsapp or other apps like sms. Also you cant delete messages from the App but we can do this from the web version. I think the App should perform the same way or better than that.

  • Fred Orlando

    I’m having major trouble connecting since updating to Airdroid4. The only success is by uninstalling the android app and re-installing again. My OS is 7.1.1 Is anyone else having much more trouble connecting than before? Thanks

  • rhondalea

    And so I ask again: Is Bonjour still part of Airdroid?

  • Jean-Baptiste ALEXANDRE

    Hello. any ETA for release a web secure (ssl/https) version of airdroid? it’s currently my main concern of the app. at least in the paid version. a web app like android, accessing your personal stuff on your phone, is a major failed. Anytime soon?

  • C’est la même

    The new version just crashes whenever I try to log in, use QR code etc. Useless.

  • David Hall

    I have downloaded AirDroid 4 but after installation on my MAC, the about tab says it’s Is that right?

  • Aimee Talbot

    where is the mac version? my current version keeps telling me my phone and computer need to be connected to the same network, but they are? so i can’t use it.

  • Sean

    I like it a lot of the old version, and now the new version is very poor, and even occasionally not work, can not connect, mobile phones and tablet computers have connected to the Internet, but the new version it can not connect! Old version of the reaction fast, fast connection, perfect, why the new version can not do? WHY???????????

  • M Ali


  • Ola-Magne Ruud

    Need to be able to make calls from my pc and using the pc headset to talk, this must be the most useful feature?

  • Joe Loading

    what it is. i am do not understand one of all. tell me please..

  • tufazzal sheikh


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  • Remotex Xxx
  • g50471736

    I like Airdroid very much, and would like to donate some money to you just on general principle. How can I do it?

  • L.v. Maddison

    Even with the newest version, I’m still not seeing any images texted to me in the AirDroid interface on my PC. This is kind of annoying. I still have to pick up my phone to see an image, and if anyone just sent the MMS with no text, I don’t even know one has arrived. I just get the text portion.

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