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AirDroid 2 is Live in Google, It’s Free

New version!  AirDroid 2 is live. Free on Google play: What’s new: 1. Device-free (lab). Sign in on the web and AirDroid will launch automatically on the device, even when it’s not nearby. 2. Same-network-free. No more same WiFi network restriction. Access AirDroid through different network with an AirDroid account. 3. Find Phone. Locate your… Read More>>

AirDroid v1.1.0 Beta is Live

New version!  AirDroid v1.1.0beta is live. Free on Google play: What’s new:1. Fixed bug causing login failure.2. Added 5 new languages: Suomi(Finish), Hrvatski(Croatian), Bahasa Indonesia(Indonesian), Dansk(Danish), Română(Romanian).

AirDroid v1.0.9 is Released!

New version!  AirDroid v1.0.9 is released. Free on Google play: What’s new:1. System files and External SD Card management.2. Fixed bug causing login issue under IE.3. Fixed bug causing messages loading error.

AirDroid v1.0.8 Beta is Available

New version!  AirDroid v1.0.8beta is available. Update on device or install from Google Play store: What’s new: 1. Added 8 new languages: Português (Brasil), Português (Portugal), Magyar, Polski, Česky, Türkçe, Pусский and 한국어. Thanks to the contributors on Crowdin!2. Improved connection stability, optimized memory usage.3. Optimized Contacts loading speed.4. Added “Auto start service” option… Read More>>

AirDroid v1.0.7 Beta is Released

New version!  AirDroid v1.0.7 beta released. Available on Google Play store: What’s new: 1. Important security fix (strongly recommended) 2. Improved translation 3. Other bug fixes

AirDroid v1.0.6 Beta is Released

New version! AirDroid v1.0.6 beta released. Available on Google Play store: What’s new in v1.0.6 beta: 1. Fixed bugs causing display error on certain devices 2. Fixed compatibility issues with certain devices on Play Store 3. Enhanced stability of login via 4. Fixed bugs with Message and Screenshot function 5. Optimized videos play… Read More>>

AirDroid v1.0.5 is Released

New version v1.0.5 released! Install or update in Google Play store: Thanks to all the beta users and translators! What’s new in v1.0.5: 0. Bug fixes 1. Added web link login via 2. Added QR code scanning for easier login 3. Enhanced secure connection option with https 4. Added multiple desktops 5. Added… Read More>>

Translate AirDroid to your Own Language

The long awaited update is coming soon and we invite you to translate AirDroid to your own language: or

Welcome to AirDroid Support Forum

Welcome to our support forum: Bug reports, feature requests are all welcome!

AirDroid v1.0.4 is Released

AirDroid v1.0.4 released. Fixed bug causing failure when sending SMS to numbers with “+”.

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