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Celebrate Brazil World Cup with AirDroid

Hey AirDroid lovers all over the world! For the coming month, the world is gonna swirl around Brazil World Cup, “All IN ONE RHYTHM”! AirDroid will join the samba rhythm (Ole Ole Ole Ola~~) with our football fans, bring the warmth of World Cup to all users by special offer! “Put your hands up in… Read More>>

Thank you all for joining in our Mother’s Day celebration event!

(pic from the Internet) As our event has ended on 15 May, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your love and support of AirDroid and your kindness to join in our Mother’s Day event. The 50 lucky winners have been randomly picked out, and they’ll receive our activation code… Read More>>

A Small Gift for Moms

AirDroid would like to celebrate Mother’s Day together with you by giving you and your mom premium accounts FOR FREE! We’ll choose 50 lucky ones randomly during the event. If you want to enter, just follow the steps below. 1. Become a fan of our AirDroid Facebook Page and earn 5 entries. 2. Follow @AirDroidTeam on Twitter and… Read More>>

AirDroid 2.1.0 released

AirDroid v2.1.0 is now available on Google Play. Focus on bug fixes and improving user experience: 1. We’ve made some improvements on the image loading. You will find that loading images takes less time now:   2. The improvement has been applied to contact loading as well. You don’t need to wait for a long… Read More>>

AirDroid Wallpaper Wanted!

The wallpaper of AirDroid web desktop has been well-received so far. But we’ve heard that some of you want something new. How about changing the background of We are planning to solicit 6 wallpaper from all of you. Just send us the most suitable and wonderful wallpaper in your mind. We’ll choose 9 lucky ones… Read More>>

AirDroid v2.0.9 release

Update – March 7, 2014:  AirDroid v2.0.9 was just released to all users. You can download it here: Thank you, all the brave beta testers! — AirDroid Beta v2.0.9 was just released to all the beta testers with the following new features and bug fixes: Notification mirror View all the app and system notifications on… Read More>>

AirDroid v2.0.8 – 2nd update in 2014

Are you fully back from the holidays? Or, are you preparing for the Lunar New Year festival? Anyway, here comes the second update in 2014. Customize device name If you have more than two devices that are of the same brand and model, you can now name them differently.  Turn on/off flashlight in Camera Click… Read More>>

AirDroid released!

First AirDroid update (v2.0.7.2) in 2014:New features:1. (Beta) Hotspot: create portable WiFi hotspot.2. Add external SD card manually.3. Save screenshots/photos taken with AirDroid to device. Bug fixes & Improvements1. Improved Screenshot compatibility.2. Improved multiple file downloading reliability.3. Multiple device support update: up to 2 devices for free, and 6 for Premium.4. Improved the reliability of… Read More>>

AirDroid v2.0.2 is Live in Google

New version!  AirDroid v2.0.2 is live in Google Play: What’s new:  1. Significantly improved connection reliability. 2. Fixed force close bugs for some tablet models. 3. Special characters are now allowed for password. 4. Added grid view in Apps. 5. Improved app speed install in Toolbox. 6. Added clear cache feature. 7. Other bug… Read More>>

AirDroid v2.0.1 is Live in Google

New version!  AirDroid v2.0.1 is live in Google Play:   What’s new:  1. Fixed bugs causing issues under certain environment that when signing into AirDroid connects the device via Remote Connection Mode instead of LAN Connection Mode. 2. Fixed bugs causing FC for certain devices. 3. Other bugs fixes and improvements.

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